Here Comes the Sun

My bathroom cabinet is where natural sunscreens go to die. I test them only to find that they rub on as white as clown makeup, or that they are too greasy or that they just don’t work. Frankly, it has been a big struggle over the last few years to find a healthy sunscreen — i.e. one without parabens — that works as well as their chemical-laden counterparts.

I think Kiss My Face has done it. Just in time for a long girls weekend, a box of sunscreens landed on my doorstep. While I didn’t have time to test them all — my niece will be charged with testing the Dora the Explorer colored sunscreen during our family vacation in a couple of weeks — the ladies and I did slather on several of the grownup formulas.

I used the Sun Spray Oil (SPF 30) and the Oat Protein Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 18) and really liked them both. I generally need more sun protection than an SPF 18 but I enjoyed the consistency of the lotion and the fact that it rubbed in well and didn’t leave white streaks that some zinc-based sunscreens leave. (The formula combines Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.)

My favorite was the Sun Spray Oil. One friend thought that it was too greasy but I disagree. I loved the way it applied and the sheen it left made my skin look glowy and healthy. The oil is fragrance free, offers UVA and UVB protection, plus it’s water resistant.

Kiss My Face’s entire line of sunscreen is available on the company’s website. All retail for under $16.


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  1. Lorrin says:

    This is my absolute favorite sunscreen! I use it on my toddler, too. The oil isn’t greasy at all and is so much easier to rub into a squirming kiddo than a lotion. Great pick!

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