I’d Hate Her But I Loves Her – Josie Maran

I know what you regular readers are thinking: Josie Maran, Josie Maran, enough with the Josie Maran. But seriously? She ain’t just pretty. She smart too.

She’s so smart, she makes me pretty.

I was already a convert to the whole argan oil thing that Josie promotes when, last summer, I found myself in New York City at the Sephora store on 86th Street. I meandered over to the Josie Maran counter to see if there was anything new in the line when it dawned on me that I hadn’t ever tried the tinted moisturizer. So I picked one up.

For some background, as someone who is just short of being an albino and as a woman who doesn’t want to age like her father’s childhood baseball mitt, living in California has been a big pain in my ass. Even here in San Francisco, the sun is just EVERYWHERE.I learned the hard way (hello, you giant forehead age spots!) that I have to put on lotion and sunscreen and powder to achieve any kind of moisture/protection/normal-looking skin tone on my face. I’ll confess I skipped the sunscreen on a pretty regular basis.

So, oooh la la, was I thrilled when I tried the Argan Tinted Moisturizer. It saved me two steps and it has kept the sun spots at bay with zero effort.

The best part is this: twice in the past month people have seen photos of me on Facebook and asked me why my skin looked so amazing. Seriously? It is all Josie. If all it takes is $38, I’ll buy a little of that glow. She has some to spare.

Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer is available on the company’s website or at Sephora. All of the packaging is recyclable and nothing in the line has been tested on animals.


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  1. Lorrin Salchli says:

    What are the benefits of argon oil?

  2. Heather says:

    Here is a link to a post I wrote on the subject a few months back: http://ecotothepeople.com/?p=3235

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