Drumroll Please… the Kicker Prize

There is only one week left to enter Eco to the People’s Green Holiday Contest and I am here to announce the big prize.

First, here’s what you need to know about the contest:

To enter: Just send in your greenest holiday tip in the comments section or via email and you’ll be entered to win a big sack of eco goodies donated by some of the best purveyors of green merchandise. The tip should be a way to be more eco-friendly during the holidays. Need inspiration? Check out some of the amazing entries that have already come in.

What you’ll win:

All of these goodies will come packaged in a reusable I Am a Natural Bag from our friends at Beautorium.

And the KICKER prize (which, by the way not one person guessed, lame-O!) is a pair of New Balance 070. The winner will have the opportunity to contact New Balance and have the size and color of their choice sent directly to them. These sneaks are really eco-friendly and very comfortable and retail for $80.


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4 Responses to “Drumroll Please… the Kicker Prize”

  1. Blair says:

    Another green holiday tip: Go for expierence gifts rather than “stuff” gifts. Cooking classes, photography lessons, a massage at an eco friendly spa, a set of yoga classes, the list goes on! It save on packaging/shipping plus its a gift that will provide the receiver with memories and possibly some new skills along the way. Priceless!

  2. Katie says:

    What’s better than eco-stuff? No more stuff at all. Why not give second hand so we don’t have to create anything new, not to mention all the packaging that comes with it? Kids don’t expect that gifts need to be new, they learn that from us. Se

    Swap toys with friends, try garage sales, Craiglist, or Value Village. You’ll pay pennies on the dollar for what this stuff would cost you new – saving you tonnes of money, not to mention the planet. I just finished my Christmas shopping for <$80/child, and I assure you, my kids will think that they’ve died and gone to heaven – with a fraction of the environmental impact.

  3. lauraine edir says:

    Replace holiday lights with new LED holiday lights! They last much longer and use less energy. If you take your old strands of lights to Home Depot, they will give you $3 off a new strands of LED lights. HoHoHo

  4. lauraine edir says:

    Use Chirstmas cards from years past to make Christmas cards to send out to friends and family this year (this is assuming you save your cards, I can never seem to part with mine). Just cut the card in half, and glue onto recycled paper with a personal message around the border…be sure to use recycled envelopes!!

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