Mo’ Money Monday

moneyHello Eco Peeps:

We are approaching the end of Eco to the People’s Kickstarter campaign and so far we have had great success. As of today the project is 76 percent funded, or $485 short of the goal of raising $2,000. With just one week left to go we need to raise the money fast, otherwise we lose it all.

Think about it this way: If 10 more fans donate $50 a piece Eco to the People will have reached its goal and can undergo its much needed makeover. And, I’ll shut up and stop begging for money. It’s really a win-win for everyone.

If raised, the $2,000 will help ETTP create a weekly newsletter and hire a professional to handle its web maintenance. (Trust me people, you do not want me to be in charge of this aspect of the blog.) Down the road I hope that this better-than-Brittany makeover will allow me to eventually grow Eco to the People into a business.

So if you have been waiting to make a donation, the time is now. The minimum donation is $5 and, for a project this size, every little bit truly does help. If I meet my goal by next Monday I will get the money and be able to make the improvements. If I can’t raise it, I get nothing.

Please take a look at the proposal and decide if you think this is a valuable project.

All my best, Heather


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