Envirosax Has Conservation in the Bag

envirosacksThe great bag debate used to be paper versus plastic, but now environmentalistas everywhere are debating the merits of various reusable shopping bags.

Some insist organic cotton totes are the only truly eco-friendly way to tote your goodies home from the market. At Eco to the People, we don’t care if you bring a set of luggage to the grocery store, just ditch single-use bags altogether.

Greenloop (one of our favorite green online stores) carries Envirosax, a super cute, uber-compact line of reusable bags. When rolled up the bags measure just 4”x1.5”. When unrolled they carry the same amount of groceries as two of their plastic counterparts. Made of polyester, they’re waterproof and virtually tear-proof, with reinforced seams. Keep one in the bottom of each purse or stash a few in your glove box and you’ll always have a bag handy, even for last minute shopping.

We love the Mikado Shopping Bag Set, which includes five bags – each featuring a different snazzy graphic design – on sale for $37.95. Individual bags are also available.


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