A Good Vintage


Since buying a new laptop last month I have been guarding it the way a mother bird guards her eggs; squawking anytime someone comes near it with liquid and carrying it to and from the library with fear in my heart. This was one expensive egg.

As I shopped for my laptop — a MacBook Pro — I simultaneously started searching for the world’s cutest laptop sleeve. I am proud to announce that I have found it.

Rebe makes custom laptop sleeves from recycled vintage fabrics and they are to die for. You can choose a color combination – like blues and purples or orange and red — and the designers will create a handmade sleeve from their fabric archives.

The sleeve is padded for extra protection and has a water resistant lining so that you don’t have to peck at your boyfriend when he drinks coffee near your desk. The sleeve features a wrist strap that allows you to carry your computer, perfect for quick bathroom breaks when you are working at a coffee house or for a fast seat change to avoid eye contact with the stern librarian.

Be sure to choose the correct size when you order and to be as specific as possible with likes and dislikes in patterns and color. (If you hate paisley but love plaid, be sure to mention that.) Since the sleeves are custom made there are no returns or exchanges. The laptop sleeves retail for $78.


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